Any way to view edits done by a reviewer

I’m new to Labelbox and currently on trial if it can be suitable for our business.

I like the features and interfaces, but I’d have loved this one feature.

Is there any way to see if the reviewer who reviewed a particular task made edits to the task? I mean, some labeling history kind of data so that me or any other admin can see if the edits made by that particular reviewer was worthy or not.

I know that I can see the co-ordinates and data on the export file(both CSV and JSON), but the export needs to be created a lot of times for solving this particular problem.

Hope I explained my query clearly. Any help would be appreciated.

@mytesting5567 currently we do not show if the reviewer actually made edits to the labels. We simply show in export if it was reviewed. We are considering to add a versioning history feature later half of this year.

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Thank you for your reply. Please update when you actually add that feature to the platform.