Bug with mask exports


I’ve been using labelbox for a few days, it’s been working fine and I’m currently training my model.
Today I tried to do another export with additional annotated images (exactly the same way as usual, which worked fine). All new masks are blank, even though they appear normally in the graphic editor.

For the record, I use a python script to download the PNG files from the urls in the export json file. When I try to access the same link from my browser, the error persists: the image is still blank.

Also, all the masks I had exported earlier still show up normally.

Any ideas what could be causing that behavior?



i have the same problem. I have try to export it serveral times, but the mask-images are completly transparent. Would be nice if they can fix it fast, i need the masks for my tensorflow training before christmas.

Same here, all masks are transparent

Now it works, but the labels are also in the masks. But it works!
Thank you to the Labelbox Team for fixing.

Hi Nils, corals,

We’re still working on ironing out some bugs with the exporter - thanks for your patience on this. In the longer run we’re going to port the mask generation to serverside with a more robust backend - but in the mean time expect that we can clean up the current system soon


Hi John,

Thanks for your answer. It’s working normally now.

Hey having the same problem, the masks aren’t the coming out the color that they were assigned (red or blue) instead the masks are coming out all white. Also im getting a separate mask for each object in the image when it should just be one image with multiple masks

I’m having similar issue that exporting in JSON format includes the points, exporting in CSV file USED to export the points, but now is missing all the point header and data.