COCO converter outputs with no annotations

I have followed the instructions in github for converting the file to COCO format, but after converting it now has no annotations.

Is this expected?
There is no information regarding my bounding boxes, which was the only method used.

Also, when the converter is running in docker this warning shows up many time (I’m assuming once per image that is labelled):

WARNING:coco_exporter:Could not get an point list to construct polygon, skipping

Have you solved this problem?Thanks a lot if you can help me!

I have not. I contacted support and got no answer so I stopped using this tool, because it wouldn’t solve my needs.

What I used instead was this tool to make annotations in COCO format:

It has some minor bugs and glitches with the display and the counting of how many images are annotated, but the annotation itself works well. Plus it’s fairly well documented too.

Hope I could help, good luck!