Export orginal image or image folder

Hey guys, i ran into a big problem, i want to download some image folder that i uploaded in labelbox for create mask label, how can i download that folder? I didn’t saw anything in web gui and also in code ? i want to use coco format to train my model, If anyone can help me i apriciate!

in my code first i import this lines:

import labelbox
from labelbox.data.annotation_types import Label, LabelList, ImageData, Point, ObjectAnnotation, Rectangle, Polygon
from labelbox.data.serialization import COCOConverter

next i create these objects:

labels = project.label_generator()
ontology_builder = project.ontology()

so what is next? how can i real my image and store them to my hard disk from labelbox?

Hi, as a user I will suggest the following code after the code you already wrote

image_path = ‘your _own_directory’

coco_labels = COCOConverter.serialize_instances(

After you run this, your images will appear in the image_path,
but with other names.

If you run the command
the result will be a dictionary that contains all the information for the coco annotation.

First check to see if you get the images that you expected.

If you need more help I will try to help you since I am dealing with these problems myself.

Lucio Rodriguez

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