Image not displaying in labeler


I just uploaded a dataset and created a project, and when I start labeling I get “Image failed to load” error message with a link to the storage api that fails to load. Opening the link in the error message shows a black screen with a small white box. If I download the image (right click, save link as), it opens correctly. When I open the image from the dataset page, it loads correctly. The URLs are different though; there is a GUID in the middle of the URL that changes based on whether I’m opening it from the labeler or the dataset.

Format of the links:!GUID!-filename.jpg

I have tried from 2 computers and they both show the image correctly in Datasets but won’t show it in the labeler.

Windows 10, Chrome 73.


And it just started working.


Great to hear @devin.taylor – please let us know if you do run into the issue again.

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