Surface Pen stylus and iPad pen double click not working

I’m trying to use image segmentation on a Surface Pro X tablet with Surface Pen. I can draw freehand, but cannot close the polygon by double-clicking. To do so I have to right click (holding the button on the Surface Pen), which opens up the window which is annoying. I also tried on an iPad with the iPad pen - same issue. Drawing with a pen/stylus for image segmentation on a tablet is a natural workflow for image segmentation so it would be nice if this worked well.

I am having the same issue with Dell XPS 2-in-1 with the Dell pen. It’s so nice and easy to draw free-hand with the stylus but not being able to close the loop even with polygons makes it impossible (except for right-clicking, but that involves even more clicking/unclicking). It would be great if this worked.