Cluster view [beta]

Introducing Cluster View, a novel and versatile interface designed to facilitate the discovery of similar data and uncover potential labeling or model errors.

This innovative tool stands out for its effectiveness, providing you with an intuitive and efficient way to explore and analyze your data, identify trends, and troubleshoot common issues in the data labeling and model development process, all of that in Catalog.

By leveraging advanced embedding techniques, this view allows you to visualize and interact with your data in new and insightful ways.
Whether you’re looking to uncover hidden patterns or simply ensure the accuracy of your data labels and models, the Embedding Cluster View is an indispensable tool that can streamline your workflow and enhance your data analysis capabilities.

Key aspects :

  • Modalities supported: image, text, documents
  • Fast and efficient from 100 up to 500k data rows

Pick a dataset, toggle to Cluster view, click on Generate cluster view and uncover your data insights.

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Ref : Cluster view

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