Export data on winning labels

I want to determine the ‘winning’ label from my consensus project in a data export. What schema can be used to do this? I have looked at consensus and quality documentation and do not see any such field in the export.

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Have you found a way? I’m struggling with this as well.

Hey Jonas! I have not - I’ve created a product request with my CSM to make this available in webhook.

So what did you end up doing? One option would be to just copy winning labels from UI manually going one by one :slight_smile:

Hi @charles.morello and @jonas, you can find the ID of the winning label in the selected_label_id field located in the project_details section of a v2 export (documentation).

Set project_details to True in your parameters or select the appropriate checkbox when exporting from the Data Rows tab in the UI to ensure that the project details are included.

@Zeke - we are using webhook to consume data. I can see the winner field in a manual export, but that doesn’t scale for our volume. Can you confirm when this will be available via webhook event?