How to let labelers review and correct MAL data rows


when all of the MAL files are uploaded no matter what status you put the data rows as they are not able to view it unless they are put under as reviewers.

Is there a way so the labelers can go over MAL data rows and still have a review team, review their work?

So the hierarchy/flow of the process wouldn’t change.

P.S. Some of the labelers are on the old data row styles and some are on the new workflow but I don’t know how to make everyone switch to workflow. I don’t know if this would help solve my problem.

Or i’m confused. I am wondering if I can assigned a specific area of workflow to a few labelers.

So say the initial rework they can all view it (labeler, not reviewers) and then the Initial review task can be all reviewed by only a specific group of users (like team lead).

I guess a better title would of been about work flow setup.