Items matching project

Hi! Can I set up items matching labeling task with labelbox? i need to show a pair of images with some test and give 2 oprions: "match"or “not match”

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Hi @andrey.gurevich ,

Side by side images would be possible if you have them in one file.
The labeling editor will load what we refers to as a data row which is 1 asset.
You could use for example : Kapwing — Create more content in less time
and then do a classification with option "match"or “not match”.

Many thanks,

@andrey.gurevich I would recommend that you create a project to classify images instead. Then you can get to the same outcome of having all matches grouped together instead of trying to arbitrarily combine images into a single file. Happy to write-out a walk-through of how to create a Annotate project with Classification tools to use if that sounds like something you’d like to try!