Launching Labelbox Academy!

We’re thrilled to introduce our Labelbox Customer Academy on Workramp for self-serve learning! This platform offers comprehensive insights, interactive modules, and quizzes covering our Annotate and Catalog products. From mastering QA processes, automation, and admin functionalities in Annotate to optimizing data curation tools and bulk classification tasks in Catalog, we’ve got you covered. And stay tuned — learning sessions for Model and Model Foundry are on the horizon! We believe this academy will elevate your teams Labelbox journey. Take a look and let us know about any feedback or additional sessions that would be helpful to your team.

Available :

Direct link :


This is cool - how do my team & I join the Academy?

Hey, @b.combs ,
From : Login | Labelbox Academy you should be able to use your Labelbox creds or you can create a dedicated account.

Oh sweet. I’ll definitely give this a shot.