Pre-populate text annotations with specific default text

Hi there, For some of our annotations, we are having annotators rewrite a modified version of the sentence they are annotating, and it would be ideal if this annotation box could be pre-populated with the text that they are annotating. Is this something that is supported in Labelbox?

Hi Brooklyn, please check out our documentation on importing annotations and, more specifically, Model-assisted labeling (MAL).

MAL allows you to import computer-generated predictions (or simply annotations created outside of Labelbox) and load them as pre-labels on an asset.

Please feel free to follow up here if you have any questions as you explore this feature!

Hi Zeke, thanks so much for pointing this out! I am having a little trouble using the MAL for my project. I have created an Ontology with many sub-classifications, and just want to upload an annotation for one of these sub-classifications, but I am getting the error “Schema xxx is not a root in ontology tree”. Any advice on this?