Release Note April 2024

Introducing the latest release notes, highlighting recent enhancements and updates to boost your productivity. Please be aware that we will be phasing out export v1, including some SDK methods, on April 20, 2024. Ensure you review our guidelines for a smooth transition. April 2, 2024

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Hey @gunderwood - since this release, we have not been able to export (v2) any data. Is this a known issue or should I get a ticket going?

Hey! Yes go ahead put a ticket in! Did you update tot he 3.67 sdk release @b.combs

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Checking now, but I believe so. Will let you know and then if we have, will submit the ticket in Jira!

We are on 3.66 → will update to 3.67 tonight and see if that resolves it - I suspect it will. Thanks for the nudge, Gabe!!

3.67 resolved our issue :slight_smile:

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Perfect! Just let us know us know if you need anything else!