Release Note July 2024

Labelbox’s July 5, 2024 update includes several new features and improvements:

  1. New Features:

    • Free-form text classifications for video frames.
    • Detailed LBU usage in the Workspace settings.
    • Improved data warehouse integration setup flow.
    • Customizable user roles.
    • Support for Benchmarks and Consensus in prompt-response projects.
    • Claude 3.5 Sonnet available in Foundry.
    • Image support for various Claude versions.
  2. Improvements:

    • Simultaneous use of Benchmarks and Consensus tools.
    • Enhanced annotation import formats.
  3. Fixes:

    • Concurrent edit blocking.
    • Data integrity issues.
    • Export v2 performance.
  4. Removals:

    • Deprecated Claude versions.
    • Custom editor projects.

For more details, visit the Labelbox changelog.