What determines the order of items within a batch?

It seems that data row priority has been deprecated and the only thing that can determine order of data is batch priority.

However, if I wanted to control the order of data within a batch, or shuffle it somehow, how could this be done? Is the order determined by a date field, like created time? If the order cannot be control it would be good to know what determines the order within a batch it so at least we can have indirect control over it.

Hi @juan, you can still further specify the data row priority within a batch by setting labeling parameter overrides (docs).

Hi @Zeke , thanks for you answer.

Yes I know tried that already and I got a message saying it has been deprecated ( Please see the attached)

. Is there any other way to do this within the batch? If not, it would be good to understand what determines the order inside the batch.

@juan Can you please share with me what version of the Python SDK you are using?

Hi @Zeke ,

I am using version 3.46.0

Thanks in advance,

Apologies for the delay here. The current SDK version is v.3.52.0, and you can always find the most up-to-date version here at our GitHub repository.