Working with LB Workforce

Hi LB CSRs/Engineers,

A few questions regarding working with your Workforce:

  1. How many labelers/reviewers do you have to work on a labeling project? Is this arrangement by default or based on requests?

  2. Can a reviewer assign a particular labeler to resolve the issue(s) created on the asset? Is there any other way for labelers/reviewers to leave comment/review on the project as a whole?

  3. Does an Enterprise Dashboard charge extra?

Hi @els, thanks for sharing your questions!

  1. The number of team members assigned to a project is based on the desired completion date and calculating the headcount needed to get the project completed on time. By default we usually start with a small team, but can ramp up as needed.

  2. At the moment, a reviewer cannot directly assign a specific labeler to resolve the issue(s) created on an asset strictly through the platform. With that said, labelers can only view issues created on the assets that they themselves labeled, so they will know which labels need reworking. Our notifications feature allows for project-level updates and communication. I encourage you to check out all of the documentation in the “Manage team and performance” section that this page is nested under!

  3. Enterprise customers automatically receive 10 seats for the enterprise dashboard. Additional seats can be purchased at any time, and non-enterprise customers can contact our sales team for inquiries about purchasing enterprise dashboard usage.

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