About the EDU / Research category

Introducing the Labelbox Education and Research Showcase! This section is designed to highlight and celebrate the incredible discoveries and papers that have been produced with the help of Labelbox’s free educational and research services.

Labelbox has long been committed to supporting the academic community by providing free access to our cutting-edge data annotation and machine learning tools. We believe that by empowering researchers and educators with the right tools, we can foster innovation and accelerate progress in a wide range of fields.

In this showcase, we’ll feature some of the most exciting and impactful projects that have been created using Labelbox. Whether it’s a breakthrough in medical research, a new approach to natural language processing, or an innovative use of computer vision, we want to recognize and celebrate the amazing work being done by our academic users.

So, if you’ve used Labelbox in your research or educational work and have a story to share, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us at Research | Labelbox to be featured in the Labelbox Education and Research Showcase.