AI Weekly-ish Scoop 04/12 📰

Greeting :labelbox_white: Community :wave:,

Missed Google Cloud Next '24 and our CEO’s presentation? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Did you know we had a YouTube channel? We also presented a use case using Gemini vision Pro via Foundry :labelbox_white:

Tell what do you think and what you are working on using Labelbox!


I came for Annotate, but I think Catalog is really my favorite thing about Labelbox - at least for now.

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"A non-technical person can come to our platform with a use case and … "

^ That’s me lol - I am one of the people that Manu talks about around min 39

And I am categorizing documents, sometimes using Foundry, and curating robust datasets for further machine learning experiments!