AWS integration stopped working

Hi, my AWS integration for creating Catalog datasets stopped working.

The integration test available in the UI comes out successful but the data row imports all return an access denied error.

We have been using the integration mainly to create HTML datasets. It has been working perfectly fine up to 4 days ago. We haven’t changed anything on our side (AWS infra and HTML files used for testing).

Any idea of what could be happening? I’m using the Python SDK labelbox[data]==3.52.0 but could also reproduce the issue with 3.54.0

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Hi @tw974 ,

Would you have an example of failure? trace or anything we could get (data row id/link)?
Where do you have this failure? UI / SDK?

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Labelbox Support

Hello, same issue on my side, i had an integration to fetch data from my s3 bucket but since today i cannot manage to fetch anything from it, always have access denied error. I tried to recreate a new one from scratch but same observation.
I manage to fetch the data if i replace the url from the data row by a handmade pre-signed url but without that i can’t (and of course i don’t want to use pre-signed url for my project).

Any ideas?

Python with labelbox==3.51.0

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We are also aware of an issue with HTML asset and are currently working on solving it.

Will keep you updated.

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Thanks, let me know when it is fixed. This issue is only in the UI, the SDK does not return an error. However, the dataset created is empty so subsequent SDK steps fail. Let me know if you still need a data row example and I can re-create one

This was fix earlier on, let me know how it goes.

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Yes all good now. Thanks for letting me know