AWS Integration not working on new data rows

Hi, We have an s3 integration set up with labelbox for quite a while. It stopped working suddenly. The datasets in catalog are able to fetch images from the same folder and bucket but when I add a new data row, it is not able to fetch the image from s3. The check connection option says that connection is working. But on new data rows I get this error “The data row could not be fetched because the user does not have access to it.”

Any help is appreciated.

Facing the same issue. I believe this is a problem with labelbox. I hope it gets fixed asap

Same issue on my side since multiple hours :confused:
Any updates on that topic?

Hi Mathis, unfortunately, there’s no update yet, but I contacted the labelbox support team, and they’ve escalated the issue. I suggest you do the same to make them know how severe this is.

It got fixed yesterday on my projects. It was an issue on labelbox’s end.

Thanks for your response Ammara. So if you create a labelbox project using Python SDK all the data rows are uploaded successfully? For me, some data rows are uploaded successfully while others are not. The last project I created had 1,5000 samples and about 222 failed to get uploaded. I used the re-process feature in the labelbox UI but it does not work. The re-process feature was used to help fix this issue in the past but it does not work now.