Data Upload Stucked in Data Row processing on Free Tier

I used the PythonSDK to upload data from S3 into Labelbox. It works previously but when I increase the number of data to 1000, currently its stucked in the upload phase. There’s also another upload using the PythonSDK with 10+ data, which is also stucked in the data processing phase.

Is there a way to stop the data upload process?
Is there a way to check the actual progress of the upload?


Hi Georges,

Once your data is sent via SDK we are processing in it in our backend and currently the only way to stop it would be to delete the dataset (click on the dataset name top left you will see the option).
Now, if you want we can take a look for you and try to resync those data rows if so, can you please provide your organisation name or id (Name icon (bottom left) → Workspace Settings)?

Many thanks,
Paul T.
Labelbox Support

I am having the same issue when I try to load some pdf data, It is running continuously. I tried deleting it and reuploading it and still have the issue

We are looking into latencies in our ingestion pipeline, you can follow progress →

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Hey @ptancre thanks for the reply, it has been ingested in. I think there’s issue with the latencies in the ingestion pipeline as mentioned by you.

Its okay, dont think its necessary now to resync the data as it has been ingested. Thanks again!

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