Bit Depth and Auto Segmentation

Auto segmentation seems to work for 8-bit PNG’s, but when we upload 16-bit PNG’s, the auto feature does not work. When you are feeding the images into your AI for Labelbox auto segmentation, are you just dividing by 255 or do you divide by the max value in the image to get it between 0 and 1? Can you update that code to allow for larger bit depths?

Hi @christophercook ,

One of your colleague has sent a support ticket and we will follow up there.

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Labelbox Support

Thank you! Yeah, for some reason it only seems to be our 16-bit PNG’s that it can’t label. It works phenomenally with the 8-bit!

@christophercook - native SAM capabilities for auto segmentation on 16-bit PNGs will be available in a near release.

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