Is Labelbox Annotation tool compatible with Tablet devices with pen for segmentation task?

Zoom feature is not working with Tablet devices!!

Hi @firdows ,

Thanks for posting. When you say “zoom feature”, are you referring to the zoom functionality in the editor? Or are you talking about the zoom on iPadOS/Android when you pinch the screen with two fingers? The latter is not actively supported.

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Paul N.
Labelbox Support

Hi @PaulN,

Thank you for your response. We work with satellite and drone imagery for segmentation annotation, where objects are densely packed, requiring precise boundary differentiation.

We believe that adding a pinch-to-zoom feature within the Labelbox annotation tool would significantly enhance our ability to annotate accurately and efficiently. This functionality would complement your existing auto-annotation feature, which already helps reduce manual effort.

Could the Labelbox team consider implementing this feature? It would greatly improve our workflow and accuracy.

Thank you for your support.

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Firdows R.

Thanks @firdows ,

I will submit a feature request internally on your behalf.

Note that although pinch-to-zoom is not functional, you can still click the magnifying glass icon to access the zoom menu.

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Paul N.
Labelbox Support

Hi @PaulN,

Thank you for submitting the feature request on my behalf.

I need support for the following queries regarding Panoptic Segmentation using the LabelBox annotation tool:

  1. Is there an option for “isthing”: 0 or 1 (0 for stuff and 1 for thing class)?
  2. After completing the annotation, how can I export/download the annotation data in COCO format?
  • a) A PNG file that stores the class-agnostic image segmentation.
  • b) A JSON file that stores the semantic info for each image segment.
  1. Are there any limitations to using the ‘Auto-Segment’ feature in the free version of LabelBox?
  2. What are the other limitations of using the LabelBox annotation tool in the free version?
  3. How many users can work together on the same annotation project in the free version?

I look forward to your response.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @firdows,

Thank you for the additional questions.

  1. “isthing” is not an attribute produced by the Labelbox tools.
  2. Please see this article to export to the COCO format.
  3. There are limits on the assets for the data rows. A list is available here: Limits.
  4. I would advise you to look at the previous page for the limits of the platform.
  5. Can you clarify your use case? Labelers work individually on a data row, but through the review process, a label can be modified if needed.

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Paul N.
Labelbox Support