Convert masks to raster from JSON file

When I look at the line tags in the Json file in instanceURL, a completely white blank screen appears and each detail appears in separate links. How can I print this data and what do I need to do to convert it to png?

Hi @bahadir.kulavuz ,

You can save those mask (instanceURL) in PNGs if you want to vectorize those image you can use PIL to do so :

For example :

from PIL import Image

def vectorize_image(input_path, output_path, threshold=128):
    # Open the PNG image
    img ='L')  # Convert to grayscale

    # Apply a threshold to create a binary image
    binary_img = img.point(lambda x: 0 if x < threshold else 255, '1')

    # Save the binary image as SVG, format='SVG')

# Example usage
input_image_path = 'path/to/your/image.png'
output_svg_path = 'path/to/your/output.svg'
vectorize_image(input_image_path, output_svg_path)

Many thanks,