Different values for options when showing annotations and when exporting

I am creating an entity classification labeling task with radio sub-classifications.

So for “entity A”, we could have “sub-classification A” and “sub-classification B”.

Is there a way for annotators to see a brief text explanation, ex: “brief explanation of sub-classification A” as the drop-down text (so no need to open the full instructions pdf), of the radio sub-classifcations, and when I export the data, to just recieve “sub-classification A” as the classification value?.

Related note, I thought the “Option name” and “Option value” would do something similar. What do they do?

Hey @mgarranzo,

So following your reasoning :

You would like to have a small description of what “sub-classification A” but not have this in the value itself and subsequently not in the instruction either?

The editor was crafted for efficiency and speed and at the core capability,
having a clear user interface has proven to better choice.

Instructions is the prefered way here so the labelers are briefed and set up for success.
Been always available means that they can refer to it at any time.

Furthermore, “Option name” and “Option value” are field that being used for the import of prediction(MAL) and its sanitized to be compatible with operation done via SDK, this field is not visible in the UI.

Hope this makes sense.

Many thanks,
Labelbox Support