Enable to get rework data from API

I’m trying to get labels in rework state from the API using Python SDK. However, I couldn’t find any field related to the keyword rework within the graphQL schema. Could anyone give some help please ?

Hello @harimamy.rav,

You can use export v2 for that, please check the documentation : Export overview

# Set the export params to include/exclude certain fields. Make sure each of these fields are correctly grabbed 
export_params= {
  "attachments": True,
  "metadata_fields": True,
  "data_row_details": True,
  "project_details": True,
  "label_details": True,
  "performance_details": True

# You can set the range for last_activity_at and label_created_at. You can also set a list of data 
# row ids to export. 
# For context, last_activity_at captures the creation and modification of labels, metadata, status, comments and reviews.

# Note: Combinations of filters apply AND logic.
filters= {
  "workflow_status": "InRework"

Please be aware this will work only with Labelbox SDK version 3.51.0.

Many thanks,
Labelbox Support

Hi @ptancre

Many thanks for your answer, I’ll try this

Hello again

Now, I’m trying to use export v2 with labelbox SDK 3.52.0 and I still have an error
when exporting data rows from the project
I use the same API key with graphQL explorer then it’s work but with SDK is not

please, thanks

Would you mind sharing the query you are passing through (SDK) and the project id?

Many thanks,
Labelbox Support


sorry, I can’t share the project ID, here is my code with the params that I use and filters