How would I customize the export_v2 call to retrieve review data?

For a couple of days now, I have been trying to utilize the Labelbox API to retrieve reviewer data. Specifically, I need to view the number of images that were reviewed in a certain time frame. It would also be useful to retrieve the project ids and the reviewer’s ids associated with those reviews.
Here is what I am working with so far, when I use these filters, I don’t get the correct data returned at all.
project = some arbitrary project
start = arbitrary start date
end = arbitrary end date

export_params = {
“data_row_details”: True,
“project_details”: True,
“label_details”: True
filters = {
“reviewed_at”: [start, end]

    export_task = project.export_v2(params=export_params, filters=filters)

Thank you in advance for the help

Hi @EC123456789, thanks for the question. There is no supported filter named "reviewed_at" in Labelbox exports. The available filters can be found here.

Have you explored using the performance dashboard to find the information it seems you’re after?

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if you are looking for an approach to gather the review information via the export, set "project_details": True in your parameters to include the workflow_history section of the export.

You can then iterate through the approve and reject actions in the workflow history for each data row and gather information related to reviews. An overview of the content of the workflow_history section of the export can be found here.

This helped, thank you