Using export v2 filters to filter review data ' created_at' value


I was wondering if I could have help with an issue I am facing. I am trying to write a program that pulls review data from the Labelbox python sdk. The review data I am referencing is the list found within datarow → projects → project id → project details ->workflow history. I am trying to count the number of reviews with actions (i.e. any review where the action is not equal to “move”) within a certain time frame. As of now, the only way I found to do this is to pull all of the work from the python sdk and iterate through each data row and check whether the review ‘created_at’ value is within my time frame I am trying to query for. I was wondering if there is support for using the filters to filter on review ‘created at’ value? I am trying to decrease the amount of data that I get back from export v2 to make it only the data for the reviews created within a certain time frame that I define. Because the way I am doing this right now is extremely time consuming. Thanks!