Using export v2 filters to filter review data ’ created_at’ value

Is there a way to use export_v2 filters to query for reviews created within a certain time frame? Instead of pulling all the data and comparing it to my date range, how can I just pull data that was reviewed within a certain time frame? This is the ontology of the data I want to query for specifically, the ‘created_at’ value: datarow → projects → project id → project details → workflow history.
Please help

Hi @EC123456789 ,

Please stop making post for similar request, list of filters for export_v2 are here :
for review created_at you would need to filter downstream in your export, we can create a feature request if you feel this would be needed in the future.

Many thanks,
Labelbox Support

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Very sorry - wasn’t sure if it was visible so I reposted. Thanks

I would appreciate it if you could put in a feature request for this if possible. It would be useful to me in the future, unsure of others’ needs though.

Will actionned on it and create a feedback.

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