Export keyframes in video labeling (point tool)


I’m using labelbox for the video. I mainly use a keypoint annotation (see fig 1). However, when I export the annotation, I neither see multiple key points I’ve created nor the time stamps of the keyframe I’m targetting (the X-Y position is unimportant).

You may find an example JSON file here:

    "ID": "cldg4fr8e253o07vdh0c651c6",
    "DataRow ID": "cl7fiiido038l065rfcxv5syw",
    "Labeled Data": "https://my-test-dataset.s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/youtube_J8rkfe7np0o.mp4",
    "Label": {
      "objects": [],
      "classifications": [],
      "relationships": [],
      "frames": "https://api.labelbox.com/v1/frames/cldg4fru025d307vdhmc651c6"
    "Created By": "didas@gapp.org.edu",
    "Project Name": "my-PROJ",
    "Created At": "2023-01-28T16:28:32.000Z",
    "Updated At": "2023-01-28T20:23:18.000Z",
    "Seconds to Label": 4072.421,
    "Seconds to Review": 0,
    "Seconds to Create": 4072.421,
    "External ID": "youtube_J8rkfe7np0o",
    "Global Key": null,
    "Agreement": -1,
    "Is Benchmark": 0,
    "Benchmark Agreement": -1,
    "Benchmark ID": null,
    "Dataset Name": "video_aws_URLs_r2208.json",
    "Reviews": [
        "id": "cldg603l227jd18zi2k8i5huu",
        "score": 1,
        "labelId": "cld04fru326do07vdhmc651c6",
        "createdAt": "2023-01-28 16:32:57.000000",
        "createdBy": "didas@gapp.org.edu"
    "View Label": "https://editor.labelbox.com?project=cl6jc09q010d107wl1u7uhw69&label=cldg4frub26do188dhmc651c6",
    "Has Open Issues": 0,
    "Skipped": false,
    "DataRow Workflow Info": {
      "Workflow History": []

NOTE: I’ve changed the ids

p.s. I have also tested with various python SDKs, other than the generating export on the browser (under project export tab), but all the JSON files I’m accessing don’t have the information.

client = Client(api_key=API_KEY)
project = client.get_project(PROJECT_ID)

export_url = project.export_labels()
exports = requests.get(export_url).json()

p.s. The annotation editor is very similar to this thread.

Hi @Didas ,
Video export needs a extra steps to get the annotation/frame :
Please have a look at out sample notebook : labelbox-python/video.ipynb at develop · Labelbox/labelbox-python · GitHub

Hope this helps,
Many thanks,
Paul T.
Labelbox Support

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