Annotation tool for key-frame selection (Alternative to point tool)


Thanks for this awesome platform. I am building an annotation tool for video asset and I only need the key-frame i.e. the time-stamps of the important frames. Any segmentation, pixel wise operation is irrelevant to my use case (only temporal dimension matter).

Among the tools which are provided, I could only (indirectly) use “points” to indicate key-frames. However, it still overkill and there are corner use-cases which need to be addressed. For example, I could only rely on start time of the point tool, etc.

What I need is just a marker for time (one point in time). Is there a tool or an alternative to point tool for this use case in annotation box?

Hi @Didas, please take a minute to watch this brief video I made and let me know if this process provides the kind of functionality you are looking for in the Video Editor:

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Thank @Zeke_Labelbox for the great video. You understood it correctly. I actually have done similar thing using point tool. However, probably as a feature request, it’s better to have a specific tool for this bcz as you pointed out this needs 3 clicks per each frame and based on my experience the simpler the label procedure, the better.