Editing the beginning of a labeled interval

I am annotating a video to label the start and end times of a specific action that occurs in the video. I see the circles at the beginning and end of my labeled instance on the timeline, but I do not see any way to edit the beginning time of the interval.

I have considered both ‘object’ and ‘classification’ options for this.

WIth ‘classification’, I can drag the beginning of the time window, but then I cannot create new time windows that occur at an earlier time in the video compared to an existing window, without deleting the existing window.

WIth ‘object’, I cannot drag the beginning of the time window.

Would appreciate any help on this!

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same as the previous post you made, use the toggle to create segments for objects :


and refer to the documentation as well for video editor specification : Videos .

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Hi Lauren, Jay here, PM for Video. The right solution as Paul mentioned is to use toggle. We’re aware that toggling earlier causes the later window to be erased, and will be fixing that soon. Once that’s fixed, it won’t erased the one on the right. Stay tuned for improvements over the next 2 months!

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Thanks, Paul and Jay! I appreciate the help and I’m glad this will be fixed- we’ll definitely stay tuned!