Multiple classifications in one video

I am looking to label when actions are occurring in a video. I am using the classification part of the ontology for this.

The actions may happen multiple times in the video. Sometimes, I may want to add a new labeled interval that already has a labeled interval after it. For example, my new interval is from 1-10 seconds and my old interval is from 20-30 seconds.

However, I cannot adjust the end time of the new interval without the later interval getting deleted. When I start the new interval, it connects to the start of the existing interval. I cannot change the end time of the new interval without moving the start time of the second interval, or deleting the second interval entirely.

How can I proceed?

I have also tried highlighting a prior portion of a video, but then I am not able to toggle the classification button.

Hey @lrklein,

So letโ€™s make sure you have set your ontology accordingly to your use case :

Now in the editor you can use the toggle to create segments :

For multiple classification there wonโ€™t be an issue :


If that does not answer you issue please provide more context please, you may need to create multiple classifications as well.

Many thanks,