Json editor and video segmentation tracking


  1. if I create an ontology and then realize that I don’t like the name that gets displayed on the image and update it. That newly updated text won’t display b/c the JSON file doesn’t get edited.
    This is a massive headache. Right now, we are stuck with two projects that are confusing to labelers, and we can’t do anything because the labelers had already made a lot of progress within hours of starting.
    I even sent two emails to get engineers to update this on the backend and never got a response.

  2. video instance segmentation with tracking.
    You know how you can create a mask on premiere pro, and then it tracks the item you made masked? Something like that.

They are other companies that offer both of these, and labelbox is way bigger than them, so I don’t understand these features are not in yet—especially being able to edit the JSON file.


Hope you are well today. I work on the MLSE team here at Labelbox, and happy to help.

  1. For this issue, I found the Ticket you created and working with engineering right now to further look into it.

Generally, you should easily change these by editing the name in the ontology, and hitting save. I will update the associated tickets.

  1. This is something in development and should be out relatively soon. Please keep up to date with the Blog or Community for up to date feature launches.

Thank you for your patience here,



I got an email about that but I had already had to create a new ontology for other projects and use it but are you saying that in general if we edit the ontology it should be automatically updating the json file? Or is that feature coming soon?

I will keep an eye out for the video mask tracking. Is there a way to signup for the beta?

Also I hope there is an update coming to the documentation and more in-depth video tutorials.