Export_v2 from a project not working anymore, task IN_PROGRESS indefinitely

  • Using Python 3.10 and labelbox 3.66.0
  • project.export_v2 is not working anymore, with task just hanging IN_PROGRESS
  • The project (cltwlfvrw02ne070jgwlscmqw) is a small HTML project from which export_v2 use to work perfectly fine before updating to the latest SDK version
  • What works is using client.enable_experimental = True and project.export
  • However, I have now reached the max number of concurrent tasks as I could not find in the docs how to delete/terminate a task given the ID

At a minimum, if you could help me to terminate all those hanging tasks, that would be great (task ids: clu11te9s003f07zhdjn3d6u2, clu11kuhc02du07xecs7d1v6t, clu10wfum02ce071s40izcjto, clu10tgr60202071l3euogdzj, clu10lkfm01m707xeac8g8nrb, clu0qpzdb000o070g38oh0p21, clu0qgkga00tr07y955zeerkg, clu0qbl7404k807y22sypcta8, clu0pzgo10hf307ye4lv174hu, clu0pvbsb008407xne6jd8uvp)

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Hey @tw974 ,

Let me look into it, given your comment : “client.enable_experimental = True” and “project.export” streamble exports seems to work (ref : Export overview) I will check with those tasks stalled and stop it from our end to free some concurrency for you.

Many thanks,

I stopped a few tasks (+6h) I have this error message recurring :

1 validation error for ExportDataRowsPayload
params -> includeInterpolatedFrames
  none is not an allowed value (type=type_error.none.not_allowed)

Not sure if you have used this parameter but as a preventive steps I would do "interpolated_frames": False" :

import labelbox

client = labelbox.Client(api_key='<your API key>')
params = {
	"data_row_details": True,
	"metadata_fields": True,
	"attachments": True,
	"project_details": True,
	"performance_details": True,
	"label_details": True,
	"interpolated_frames": False

project = client.get_project('clsii7er01ds0070b3oz324ie')
export_task = project.export_v2(params=params)

if export_task.errors:
export_json = export_task.result

let me know how it goes on your end.

Many thanks,

Thanks for a quick reply! Will test it out and let you know

All good, specifying that extra export param seems to work. Thanks for your help

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I am having the same issue, except updating that param does not seem to solve it for me!

Hey @xavier.nogueira .

Could you provide the code you are using and the version of the SDK also the project id could help.


For simplicity we can track this issue on my other thread: Request limit maxed by hanging export? - #4 by xavier.nogueira

I’ll add these details there.