Very slow export times via export_v2

I am in the process of building some tooling around labelbox and I am finding that the export_v2 functionality is remarkably slow, to the point where I am beginning to wonder if there is something wrong.

The project I am attempting to export is rather small (only three data rows) and I’m finding that export takes greater than 15 minutes. Is this expected? Because the UX is not great, especially for the sorts of workflows that I am building out.

The code I am using is provided below-- you’ll notice it’s precisely what is provided in the documentation. I am using labelbox==3.63.0.

project = client.get_project(PROJECT_ID)
export_task = project.export_v2(params={
	"data_row_details": True,
	"metadata_fields": True,
	"attachments": True,
	"project_details": True,
	"performance_details": True,
	"label_details": True,
	"interpolated_frames": True
if export_task.errors:

export_json = export_task.result

Hey @ts ,

Could you provide the project id you are using? depending on the data type and/or the number of annotations export operation can take some time.
Alternatively you can also stream those request.

ref : labelbox-python/examples/exports/export_data.ipynb at develop · Labelbox/labelbox-python · GitHub

Many thanks,

We are experiencing similar slowness issues.
We just transitioned from V1 to V2 to export the labels of our project. And now the export hangs while it was exported in a few seconds with V1 for the same time window. We tested with the versions 3.42.0 and 3.66.0 of the labelbox package.
Therefore, we reverted to V1

Hey @clement ,

Given our export service is subject to variable demand using export v2 I would recommend using the stream operation (with the SDK 3.66.0 that you mentioned) :

Code sample :

Any question, let me know!

I’m experiencing similar issues with project.export_v2() and the SDK 3.66.0. Should I migrate to project.export(). When trying the streamable method, I’m getting an assertion error that the number of bytes is lower than expected…

Hey @tw974 ,

Could you provide the full trace of the error and the project id you were exporting from?
Is this consistent of was this temporary?

I am looking at migrating from API V1 to API V2, and am also experiencing slowness. V1 export takes ~10-15 seconds; V2 takes 5-10x longer.