Labels API timeout and labels disappeared from GUI

Until yesterday I was able to get the labels using the python SDK ai. Today my script doesn’t work and I get a timeout. When checking the labels in the labebox webpage UI, I see there are the correct number of labels but they are not shown in the list. The data also cannot be seen as well. If I try to export the labels i get am empty file

Hi @carlos.alvarez, could you please share with me the ID of the project that you are attempting to export?

Sure! it is cli0xfhcw0gk9071u4y1hhuvx

Hi @carlos.alvarez,

Is this still happening?
If so, can you clarify if you see the empty list of labels with export_labels() or export_v2() ?

Best regards,
Paul N
Labelbox Support

Hi, it is now fixed, both with the API and the web page

Thanks for the update, @carlos.alvarez!

When attempting to export the labels and receiving a timeout, were you using export_labels() or export_v2()? If you wish, please feel free to share your script here so that we can take a closer look.

No, we are using the label_generator() method of the labelbox client

    client = labelbox.Client(api_key=LB_API_KEY)
    project = client.get_project(PROJECT_ID)
    label_generator = project.label_generator()

But now everything is working fine as it did before