Hallo could you help me pls to understand what should i do to

The problem is that he doesn’t want to export 4 images
Here are their IDs:
clkf9qflz2fjg075040wba1wq, clkl6qsmc06m1075m31thc17j, clkl6qsmc06m9075mc18pce52, clkl6qsmc06ml075m4lj75566
He writes: because list index out of range for the task clm0bp3ue01qu07167km6hq2l

as a result, it is not possible to export all labels, since labels are not unloaded from these images, what to do?

Hi @romchic9811,

Can you specify the project id, please?

Best regards,
Paul N
Labelbox Support

where can i find it?

should be clk9h8h12085607wx434t87f5

Thanks @romchic9811.

This requires further investigation on the Labelbox side.
I have shared your issue internally.

Best regards,
Paul N
Labelbox Support

Good morning, wonderful people,

Do you have any update? Do you require any other details? How may I assist to push this forward?

Many thanks for your kind support,

Dear PaulN,

Do you have any update regarding our issue?