Export_v2() returns gs:// path in row_data field

Hey all,

Is this behavior correct? I checked GraphQL, but it returns https:// links instead. Any idea?


Hi @l.miklosko, the row data in the export should match the information that you can find for the row data when viewing the data row in Catalog.

Do the values not align between export v2 and Catalog? If this is the case, please open a support ticket or share additional details here.

The actual problem is Python SDK returns google storage path instead of URLs for [‘data_row’][‘row_data’] field, which there is no way to access it from python as far asI know.

Just few days ago, it correctly returned URLs.

@l.miklosko, I’ve chatted with our engineering team and can share that we’ll fix this discrepancy as soon as possible. Recent changes made to support ongoing development did not address a legacy query that led to this discrepancy, which we’ll make sure to solidify.

Thanks for reporting this concern!

Hi @Zeke, thank you for checking this. Looking forward to having this fixed!

Best wishes