How to import classes to lablebox?

I have recently uploaded a dataset to Labelbox and am in the process of manually setting up labeling the data by typing in the class names one by one. However, I have an Excel file that contains all of the class names that I would like to use for labeling.

Is it possible to upload this Excel file to Labelbox so that I can use it as a reference while labeling my dataset?

I have attached screenshots of my workflow, would love this process to be automated :slight_smile:

hey @itayh!

absolutely, you can create an ontology programmatically, using our Python SDK.

so, with a few lines of python script, you could grab the list of class names from your spreadsheet, and create an ontology in Labelbox programmatically.

here’s the documentation page showing how to create an ontology with our Python SDK

let us know if that doesn’t unblock you!

besides, I recommend you checkout the following Colab notebook: it shows how to

  • create an ontology from scratch, for all feature types
  • create an ontology from existing features
  • create an ontology from a mix of existing features and new features

“Working with features and ontologies”