I can't setup my model training integration, neither I see the model training button

I’m following this guide: Model training integration (labelbox.com)

and I’m trying to setup google vertex AutoML service following this: Set up Google Vertex AutoML service (labelbox.com)

but the github they’re referring to is not available anymore. I’m lost. Any help?


Hello @andrea.parialo ,

As mentionned before here : Can't Find Model Training URL Textbox in Model Settings - #3 by Joe
We have temporarily deprecated this feature to allow development of Model Foundry

Many thanks,
Labelbox Support

Sorry @ptancre I saw the topic just after posting the question. Is there a way to have access? I joined the waitinglist but is it already available or is it still under dev?


We have currently a closed beta and we will expand in the coming weeks.
Obviously beta does not have fixed scheduled so I cannot share timeline but joining the waiting list is the way to go, and you will be informed by email as soon as this is available to you.

Many thanks,
Labelbox Support

Ok thanks @ptancre
I’m sorry though, but I’m trying to export to coco using the guide you provided here Convert to COCO format (labelbox.com)

but it seems like it runs into an error while doing so. Do you have any other ways of exporting to COCO? or any clue of why it doesn’t work?