Predictions from this Model Run are incompatible with selected Project's ontology

I am very new to this. I created:

  • project and ontology
  • uploaded images and labled them
  • created a new model “run001”
    so far so good

next I uploaded a bunch of new images that I want to label using this new model and getting a warning that the ontology is incompatible.
Note: I have not changed the ontology after labeling or after creating the model

thx for the help!!!

here is a screenshot of the model

Hey Kim,

Make sure you’re using the same ontology (or at least the same features), in the model run and in the labeling project.

I suspect that your model run, and your labeling project (turtles) don’t have the same ontology. Maybe you’re using a copy of the same ontology, instead of using the same ontology (or at least the same features)

See here for more

In order to send predictions from a model run, as pre-labels in a labeling project, the feature must be present in both the model run ontology and in the labeling project ontology.

The model run and the labeling project do not need to share the exact same ontology. However, they must share at least some features in common. You can only send predictions as pre-labels, for these features that are shared between the model run and the labeling project.

hey thx for your reply.
k. I had the same suspicion that I messed something up. It took me a few minutes to get used to the interface. I deleted everything and started over (I just labeled 40 images so far). Same problem… I ensured that my project and model use the same ontology.

:person_facepalming: I believe my model is not “trained” and I need to configure settings / integration.