Need help with export - SchemaInconsistencyException

I am a nube with my first project. When I am trying to expoert my labels, I get the following error -

{“error”: “SchemaInconsistencyException”, “message”: "Unrecognized schema_id: cll19hn310093072d8otggso1 …
“reason and fix”: “the feature/ tool mentioned in the error message for the label cll191vuy0g6i07y11lnvbuyz is not linked to the Ontology. Attach the feature to the ontology and try exporting again. Alternatively, you could get rid of the annotation by doing this: 1. attach the feature to the Ontology, 2. go to the label editor, delete the anno tation from the datarow,3. detach the feature from the Ontology and export again.”, “label_id”: “cll191vuy0g6i07y11lnvbuyz”, “data_row_id”: “cll16cbrr0a1u 072xgci59q91”, “task_id”: null}

I am unable to see any features that are not linked to ontology. Any help with this will be really appreciated.

Hi @sal ,

Since you have opened a support ticket I will follow up there, however for the community visibility,
once you create an ontology and do some annotations with different tools/classification it can happen that you or someone within your organisation change (by mistake or else) the ontology and creates some disconnection between the labels and the ontology schema they are belonging to, hence the error.

Now, some cases are different so I just exposed what is generally the root cause when you are getting this types or error using our export v2 but it could be something else also, especially if you are unable to track the feature id in the Schema tab in Labelbox.

Ref doc : Ontologies

Many thanks,
Labelbox Support

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