Issues with copying between assets


We’re encountering some difficulties with labelers copying annotations from previous assets to newer ones.

  1. There doesn’t seem to be a way to copy segmentation masks.

I checked the docs but could find no reference to this limitation. While polygons do copy as expected, masks are better than polygons at scale because they dispense with z-order confusion and/or ‘shared edge rework’ of adjacent polygons.

  1. The copy-all-objects command (Cmd+Shift+C / Ctrl+Shift+C) doesn’t work on PC due to the hotkey assignment being reserved for Chrome developer tools – it does work on Mac where there is no collision (though still subject to the no-masks limitation) – however cloud workforces typically don’t use Mac. This makes annotation of large sequential images with dozens of labels very time-consuming.

Please note this behavior is present in all editors. Are these known issues or are we configuring something wrong in the labeling environment?


Hi Jonathan, thanks for posting! We’ve noted the collision for this keyboard shortcut on PC and will be remediating it soon. The lack of support for copying segmentation masks is a known limitation that we plan to add support for in the future. I’ve updated our documentation to reflect this - thank you for the feedback!