Keep getting `ExceededMaxAnnotationLimit` error

Since February 1 (after the new pricing rate was updated), my account cannot import any new annotations to the existing catalog. I checked the usage tab, and it shows I only used 5 LBUs. However, even for a simple import annotation script (Google Colab), it always returned me the ExceededMaxAnnotationLimit error.

Does anyone know what happened? Any suggestions will be appreciated!

Hey @jiwei.zhou ,

Could you provide the full error trace as well as the payload you are sending (ndjson or python annotations)?

There a limit for the import request : Limits
10k per request for free account.

Many thanks,

Hi @ptancre,

Thank you for the response.

Here is the error I got from the Jupyter Notebook (Yes, I modified the globalKey to “_02” from the example script to avoid duplication for the second time):

Errors: [{‘uuid’: ‘be876cec-786b-4316-8469-6c290d67f242’, ‘dataRow’: {‘id’: ‘clsayg6zc1bgb07834cl4altl’, ‘globalKey’: ‘2560px-Kitano_Street_Kobe01s5s41102_02.jpeg’}, ‘status’: ‘FAILURE’, ‘errors’: [{‘name’: ‘ExceededMaxAnnotationLimit’, ‘message’: ‘Exceeded annotation import limit for organization’, ‘additionalInfo’: None}]}]
Status of uploads: [{‘uuid’: ‘be876cec-786b-4316-8469-6c290d67f242’, ‘dataRow’: {‘id’: ‘clsayg6zc1bgb07834cl4altl’, ‘globalKey’: ‘2560px-Kitano_Street_Kobe01s5s41102_02.jpeg’}, ‘status’: ‘FAILURE’, ‘errors’: [{‘name’: ‘ExceededMaxAnnotationLimit’, ‘message’: ‘Exceeded annotation import limit for organization’, ‘additionalInfo’: None}]}]

I sent it via Python annotations. On 1/31/2024, I ran the script first to upload 5900+ images to the catalog (it worked well). Then I was trying to upload their relevant 5900+ annotations to the server. However, it turned out to be stuck in the uploading (I guess the system may not allow me to upload over 10,000 free LBUs), and it failed without any successful annotations uploaded. And it counted all my attempts. I am not sure if this is the reason.

Now, even if I ran the ‘import annotations’ script (link), it returned the same “ExceededMaxAnnotationLimit” error for importing one annotation. I also tried to regenerate a new API key to import new annotations, but it failed.

The error would make sense since post February, 1st 2024 there was a cap of 10k free LBUs for free account.

Given your previous post :

Product LBUs
Catalog ~5900
Annotate ~5900
Total 11800

The automation tabs has 2 Mal imports for the project “TOP3 Experiment 5990 Images Labeling”, if those have failed I would advise to remove those, this is not a guarantee that you would be able to re-upload immediately since the billing cycle is month to month.

Many thanks,

Thank you @ptancre.

Since I did the imports on 1/31 and did not do any large imports in Feb, am I supposed to be able to upload new annotations about my current available free ~500 LBUs? I only used 5 LBUs this month, but still cannot import any new annotations to the project or a new project like the sample script advised. However, I can manually annotate a new image from the catalog on the website. Just the import annotations did not work from the Python SDK.