Labelbox API not doenloading latest annotations

I am downloading my labelbox annotations using python and the Labelbox API.
The code I wrote can be found here:

The download of the data_row works fine and I can read and request the mask-URLs (under data[i][‘projects’][PROJECT_ID][‘labels’][0][‘annotations’][‘objects’][idx][‘mask’][‘url’]) that i get from my ndjson-file. However, the masks that I can download are not updated. I made some changes of my annotations, but the masks that I can download are not the updated ones.
I tried it via the ndjson-file as well as directly via the Labelbox API client, but both ways didn’t work out.

What could be the cause for this problem?

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Hi @stefan.h ,

We are aware of an issue that sometimes export does not pull the latest version of a segmentation masks.
Depending on the amount of label you have you can workaround this issue by do a delete and requeue with template (features that keeps the original annotations).

Feel free to contact Support for additional update on a fix.

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Dear PT,

thank you very much for your response!
It is about 80 annotations so far.

How would that workaround work in detail?

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