Labeling instructions are gone after saving

When I add instructions to the “Labeling instructions” and save it, the next time I log in and go back to the scheme, the instructions are gone! At first, I thought I may not have saved the changes to the scheme after adding instructions, but it looks like it’s not the case. Is this a bug? or am I missing something?

Hello Pedram,

Can you please confirm if you are able to see the uploaded Labeling instructions in the project for which the ontology is attached to?

I tested and I could confirm that Labeling Instructions are visible in the project already attached to the Ontology or even for a project attached after creating the instructions in the Schema.

I’m checking with our concerned engineering team and will get back to you accordingly.


Hey pedram,

This is to provide you an update that our engineering has deployed a fix and will be released to prod soon.

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Fix is deployed to prod and is working fine now. Thanks!