Pre / Post Processing PSA

After reading hundreds of threads in this community, I’ve noticed a common theme for posts about problems/confusions/challenges… many times a Labelbox user ('boxer) will be trying to get Labelbox to be something it’s not. Example off the top of my head of this would be a text editor when someone did not like the font of the raw data. So I thought it might be helpful to post a quick PSA and then suggest a possible future category for the community…

Pre/Post processing of data …is important. If you don’t expect Labelbox to be/do something it is not, you can solve your data issues more effectively. Build in steps before upload to Catalog or after export from Annotate, depending on your need, that achieve the stuff that Labelbox is not meant to be/do, such as being a text editor.

I think it might be cool to promote this idea and discussions about Pre/Post Processing data so that the 'boxers out there can start to not only learn what IS Labelbox but also what it IS NOT and then how to go about solving for what that delta is for their use case(s).

Anyway, if this is a DUMB IDEA™ then ignore me - but if it’s interesting then I am glad I raised the idea. Also, I hope I’ve said 'boxer enough for it to stick for those of you that read this far - thank you!

I like your idea to have separate categories, the base idea was/is to separate topics per product area.

Not only this as the benefis to triage what audience we are reaching to (technical / non-technical) but also at the a glance scoping a potential use case.

Why I think this is still the way to go is exactly what you have pointed out, gathering user feedback, we have built at Labelbox a purpose focus product that is in my (probably biased :wink: ) opinion the best in its class however this comes as trade off, a one size fit all has it limits and so having a free flowing public feedback is essential.

I also believe exploring a product may come sometimes (often) with its challenges and understanding what can be done to either alleviate those or making the right decision for your use case is the focus (the How To for instance).

We will revise some of those topics at a later stage, we still are growing as a Community :rocket:

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