Questions about using labelbox

  1. how to move some data rows from one dataset to another in the catalog of labelbox
  2. how to create functions in the catalog (I saw some videos showing using functions, but I could find it in my account)
  3. how to find some images or data rows without a certain type of metadata tag in a certain dataset folder?

Hi @neil.cui, please see my responses below:

  1. Data rows cannot be moved from one dataset to another in Catalog. If you would like to accomplish this kind of action, you can delete data rows and then re-upload them into the desired dataset. Please note that if you delete a data row, any labels made on that data row will also be deleted.

  2. Functions have been replaced by Slices, which offer improved functionality and dynamically include new data that match the slice criteria.

  3. Can you please share with me the kind of metadata field you are filtering on? For example, is it an enum, a string, etc.?

Hey, @Zeke , Thanks for your reply.

What we try to do within the labelbox:

  1. I got a dataset (about 40,000 images) with 10 different folders of images. Each folder is supposed to only have images representing a distinct class of images. However, in reality, each folder also contains some invalid, duplicated and other classes’ images. Our goal is to create high quality folders with only the right images within them, which means we need to delete the invalid and duplicated images and assign the wrongly located images to the right folder.

Could you please let me know what the best (most efficient) way to complete this task? Thanks.

ps: could please also let me know how to select multiple images effectively (for example, I would like to select the entire row of images) within the labelbox. (select one by one is quite time consuming…)