Questions regarding LBU

First of all, I apologize for reaching out here, but I have to because I can’t post in the How To thread.

I’ve already started reading part of LBU, but I’m still struggling to calculate the number of records that will be created and which records exactly I should calculate.

Here are my questions, and I hope somebody can provide me with answers:

  • Do I have to pay for creating a new LBU only, or is it a monthly payment to keep it alive? For example, if I create 100 Images and the system calculates an amount in LBU for me, do I pay once when the LBU is created, or do I get charged every month to keep the dataset alive, using the LBU amount generated by the dataset creation?
  • How can I determine how many LBU I’ve already used?
  • What is the cost of 1 LBU in USD?

Thanks for help.

Hey @SB ,
No problem at all! So you get charged once for the upload. Here is a good doc page that goes over all our limits! Here are the docs that go over how to find your current LBU’s used. Your LBU to USD is going to vary, but here is a good calculator that can help you plan ahead. Please note you are allotted 500 LBUs per month free anything after that will result in fees.


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